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One-on-One Consulting


I consult one-on-one with parents, tutors, and students. If you have questions about homeschooling, the Freeform style of education, or how to use digital media effectively towards learning, I can cut through the confusion, provide concrete next steps, and offer trusted resources.   These consulting sessions are designed to be effective, convenient, productive, and to reduce stress (both your children's and yours).  I conduct consultations primarily using either phone or video conferencing through Skype.  I love using video conferencing as we can all see each other face to face, students can show me their projects and art live, and you can show me anything you want.  It's almost as good as me showing up to your house.  If you are unfamiliar with Skype, don't worry!  Skype is super simple to use, free, and works on most devices; however, you can also opt to use simple phone calls instead.  This style of learning is all about flexibility, so we do whatever works for you!


My consulting sessions are highly customized to fit your needs and no two relationships with homeschooling families are the same. Depending on your specific homeschooling goals, we may work together to:


  • Determine your vision for teaching and student success

  • Identify your core values, strengths, and priorities so you can better leverage and honor them while educating your children

  • Develop a self-research practice that will best serve you and support you and allow your children to achieve their goals

  • Identify and manage fear, doubt, worry or guilt that interferes with the homeschool you want to create for your children

  • Develop new best practices for time management and/or stress management

  • Identify and re-work negative perspectives, patterns or old ways of thinking that no longer serve your children or the pursuit of their goals

  • Break down your child's goals into small, achievable action steps that are big enough to move them forward and small enough to be realistic. Realistic goals are key to success.

  • Determine what will best motivate your children and hold them accountable to their goals



My clients use me as an ear to carefully and genuinely listen to every challenge and accomplishment on their mind from week to week.  Think of me as that close friend that you can rant or brag to over coffee who just so happens to have a teaching degree and years of experience teaching others how to do what you are currently doing (except better because whatever you tell me is 100% confidential).


For parents who have already been homeschooling:


Two heads are better than one.  We will spend time sorting out what's working from what's not.  My services and programs work because they are focused on what works for each child as an individual.  Rather than shoving them into a curriculum and routine based on the averages of the masses, I will help you design a curriculum tailor suited to fit your child. 



The Right Homeschooling Path for You


If you have questions about whether traditional homeschooling or Freeform style homeschooling is right for you, I'll help you understand the pros and cons of each path. We'll discuss the potential of your students and what direction their interests and learning styles may take you. I'll also help you identify and evaluate your goals and strengths as a teacher and if you're well-suited to a particular homeschooling path. By the end of the consultation, you'll be left with specific next steps and the right expectations for your children's educational future.


Please note: While I do provide referrals to specific software, books, or curriculum series, I do not receive any commission or kickbacks from these companies.  With any products I recommend for you to use or purchase, I do so having ONLY you and your children's interests in mind.  I do nothing to cause bias among companies and make recommendations only if and when I feel they are beneficial to that specific situation. 



One Time Consulting


My one-time consulting fee is $100. This fee covers:


  • One appointment time, up to one hour in duration

  • Advance review of any report card, emails, or any other information you believe are important to me understanding your situation

  • One follow-up via email one week after our meeting


The consulting price remains the same whether you need and use 15 minutes, 30 minutes or the full hour. If you think you may need more than an hour of my time, then I recommend you start with the free initial booking and we can discuss a package consulting rate for time needed thereafter. 



Yearly Consulting Package


My year-long consultation fee is $2,000.  This fee covers:


  • Everything included in the one-time consulting option

  • 1 school year (starting, taking breaks, and ending on your family's schedule) with up to 36 weekly sessions

  • Access to my direct email for any between session questions you may have with a strict 24-hour reply window (I usually reply within a few hours, but will always reply or even call you if necessary within 24 hours)


I offer semester and monthly payment plan options for families upon request; however, I offer a $100 discount to all families who pay in full up front.  I also offer discounts to active duty service families and veterans.


Other Areas of Expertise


I have in-depth experience with:

  • creating unique curriculum

  • researching and executing lesson plans

  • educating novice tutors

  • online education

  • turning parents into amazing homeschool teachers!


What I can't help with:

  • Teaching children with severe mental disabilities

  • Teaching your children in person for you


However, even if I can't help you personally, I can help you find the right people who can.

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