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Homeschool Setup


Every homeschooling family needs a dedicated homeschooling room as a base of operations. It's a critical component for long-term educational success and organization.


Is your home base adhering to best practices for homeschooling? Is it student-friendly? Does it accommodate all organization and curriculum needs? Is it optimized for the active learner? If you're not sure you can answer these questions, or you've never had professional guidance on how to improve your homeschool base, I can provide strategic and tactical guidance.


To start the evaluation process, I will ask you to complete a questionnaire that helps me understand your home base site, how you manage it, and what you want it to accomplish in the future.


After you complete the questionnaire, I prepare a report that points out your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. After you've had time to read and review the report, we'll schedule an appointment to discuss your questions and concerns.


My report and critique will help you:


  • Improve your homeschool space based on you and your children's specific needs and goals

  • Prioritize your time and make the best use of what you have now

  • Build a plan for the next stage of your home base development—when you have money to invest in hiring professional help–or how to take a DIY approach with tools you can learn or manage yourself

  • Understand the influence of strategic homeschool design on your home base and what changes you need to make

  • Provide insights from your current homeschool progress (if you are not setting up from scratch)



Basic Homeschool space Critique & Consultation ($100)

First, you'll send me an email with pictures of the room you plan on using for your homeschool base, along with the room dimensions.  Then, we'll follow up with a Skype or phone call to discuss how to improve your homeschool room and your next steps.











In-Home setup Assistance ($300)


Available on Saturdays only.  Includes everything in the basic package, but after the initial online consultation I will come to your house in person and be there to help you do all the work. 


What I will do during an In-Home Setup:


  • Assist in assembling (or upcycling) and placing all furniture and decor

  • Organize all craft materials, paperwork, parent supplies, and student supplies

  • Help you get your homeschool space up, running, and ready to go!



What I will not do during an In-Home Setup:

(These are the responsibility of the parent(s) and should be completed prior to In-Home Setup Appointment date)


  • Clean a pre-existing mess

  • Paint walls

  • Remove unwanted furniture

  • Work around an unready or uncleared space unless prior discussion and agreement has been reached



Complete Setup Package ($1000 + Materials)


Includes the entire setup of your homeschool space from start to finish. 


To start the evaluation process, I will ask you to complete a questionnaire that helps me understand your home base site, what it is used for now, and what you want it to accomplish in the future.  We will then schedule an appointment to discuss the details of your new homeschool base of operations. 


Afterward, I prepare a report detailing the new homeschool base plans complete with all of the specific furniture, decor, school supplies, and paint colors that will be used along with an estimate of what the project will cost. 


Within one month (but usually much sooner), all supplies will be delivered to your house and the homeschool room painted. 


On the next Saturday, I will come to your house in person to complete the entire homeschool room setup. 


All you have to do is sit back, relax, and be amazed at the newly created optimal homeschool space your family now has, hassle free!


Services Below Offered to Families living ONLY in the Chattanooga, Knoxville, Nashville, and Atlanta areas:

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