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For your convenience, my most common customer questions are answered right here.

What is Freeform Education?

Freeform Education is an education with no boxes or limits imposed by traditional schools and curriculums.  It means building a passion based curriculum around the interests and goals of the student, not around state standards, standardized tests, or any other standard but the student’s.

But if there are no standards, how will my student be ready for college?

It sounds scary, but it actually isn’t a problem.  Students who learn via this method are almost always ahead of state and national standards, not behind, and often by several grade levels.  This is because it is passion driven and, therefore, students have a lot more intrinsic motivation.  They are also free of the many issues that hold them back from accomplishing more in traditional schools.  In my book Freeform Education: Homeschool Re-imagined, how this is done is addressed in detail.

What is it like to consult with you?

To the families with whom I work directly, I am a combination coach, cheerleader, and counselor.  We discuss everything from lesson plans, grading, and technical requirements for homeschool families to keeping students motivated and in love with what they are learning.


I give lots of advice and also listen a lot to the triumphs and concerns of both my students and their parents.  I am an ear for any questions, any concerns, and I am here to use all of the tools, materials, and extensive experience I have for my families’ wishes and needs.

Can we sign up for consulting with you at any time, or just at the beginning of the school year?

One of the wonderful things about homeschooling is that your schedule is your own.  I am here 362 days a year (I take off for Christmas, Easter, and my daughter’s birthday).  When you sign up for the school year (whenever that starts and ends for you), our year starts then.  If, however, you are already weeks or months into your school year when you sign up, no worries! I’ll simply reduce the price you pay me by however much you’ve missed or credit you towards the following year.


I’ve worked with families who have pulled their children out of school and started working with me in March when their school year ended in May and we had a wonderful time together.  It’s never too late to try something new!

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