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Would you like help getting started or improving your homeschool?


Do you want to learn how to create your own custom curriculum for your children?

Do you want the freedom and opportunity of a Freeform Education for your children, but don't have time to do everything from scratch?

Do you want your children's curriculum to be built especially for them by a pro?

Do you simply need someone to talk to about homeschooling and how to best serve the needs and goals of your children?

Do you have questions about the legalities and specifics of homeschooling and want to talk to a certified teacher about it all before you proceed?

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My son was in the 4th grade when we decided we would rather homeschool. After multiple interviews we found Jana Poe. Jana and my son immediately hit it off and he loved her. She made education fun and exciting for him. She knew what his interests were and really helped build a curriculum around that. He never complained about having school and actually looked forward to it. I can’t recommend Jana enough if you are looking to for an alternate to public school.

-Cori Miller

I travel a lot and didn’t think I could homeschool my two kids.  I was shocked when I talked to Jana and she explained to me that my kids could be homeschooled even if I didn’t have time.  She came over and helped me interview tutors and did all the work making up their curriculum.  Now my daughter is doing highschool level stuff even though she’s twelve and my son actually likes doing his work and will do it on his own without being made to!  I don’t how she does it but hiring her was one of the best moves I ever made for my kids.  I highly recommend her!

-Jennifer Smith

The only negative thing I have to say is that I wish she could work with us in person, but I’ll forgive her since we live twelve hours away!  I love Skyping with Jana.  I am also part of a homeschool  group here in Dallas but talking to her is easier sometimes since I don’t have to worry about the other moms judging me.  She takes the time to know our kids really well and gives good solid advice on what works for them.  They get excited to show her all the stuff they’ve done over the week when I tell them she’s calling.

-Nancy Turner

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Anybody that can get my daughter to want to work after she was failing math and social studies in ninth grade is worth hiring.  I hired Jana to tutor my daughter just to get her passing and now I homeschool her and we are much happier!  Jana just knows what to do to get stuff to connect for Madison, she's really talented.

-Ashley Mitchel

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Note:  Be sure to include any questions you have in the message box along with your family's homeschooling goals and the ages of all children you plan to homeschool. Within 24 hours you will receive a text message and email so you can schedule your FREE consultation!

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